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We pride ourselves on our ability to exceed customer expectations with the most innovative low pressure polyurethane foam products in the market. From providing energy savings to enhancing structural stability, the use of our polyurethane foam products has met the challenges of a range of applications. Read our case studies below to find out how our polyurethane foam products have provided improved solutions for a variety of needs.


Attic and Rim Joist Retrofit Application Stops Air Infiltration: Creates Big Energy Savings  

Posted by May 03, 2015

As energy costs began to increase, many homeowners started searching for more energy efficient building trade tools to use in homes to offset the costs. In response to this trend, a retrofit project began on a 2,300 ft2 home in Northeastern Ohio in November, 2008. In conjunction with this retrofit, a blower door test - an EPA Energy Star® recognized diagnostic method for measuring air exchanges - was conducted to pinpoint where air was infiltrating the home. This testing was performed by a certified third-party Building Performance Institute accredited Building Performance Analyst.


Hybrid Solutions with the Magnum™ Heated System 

May 02, 2015

Skyrocketing energy costs have been increasingly affecting all facets of construction for the past five years. Whether it is distribution and travel costs or utility costs at a manufacturing plant, the entire industry is feeling the pinch. Energy expenses alone are creating huge spikes in the cost to build a new home, putting increased pressure on contractors.


Fomo's Magnum™ Heated System and Insulating Concrete Forms – A Winning Combination 

Posted by April 17, 2015

Insulating concrete forms (ICF’s) have been around for more than 30 years and were used primarily below-grade for basement walls and foundations underneath wood frame construction. As people gradually began to understand the benefits of ICF construction, ICF’s began to be used for above-grade residential and commercial construction.


Energy Savings by Rim Joist Application of Handi-Foam® Spray Foam 

Posted by April 17, 2015

In April of 2007, construction was taking place on a 2,400 ft2 home in Kansas. Choosing cabinetry and carpeting proved to be the easy decisions, but when it came to the insulation of the home, the builder paid special attention to ensure an energy efficient home. As an additional selling feature to a prospective home buyer, this builder marketed the energy efficiency and cost savings associated with the insulating and air sealing of the home.


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