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Handi-Foam® E84 Class 1(A)

Low Pressure Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF)
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Product Overview

Handi-Foam® E84 Class 1(A) low pressure spray polyurethane foam is a two-component system designed to fill and insulate large voids and surfaces. Handi-Foam E84’s excellent adhesion properties create a continuous air barrier. This quality completes the building envelope, resulting in improved indoor air quality and lower heating and cooling costs. Handi-Foam E84 is a Class 1(A) fire rated foam that meets various building code requirements for insulation.

Properly applied Handi-Foam E84 reduces energy consumption, leading many homes or buildings to be certified in their respective energy designation. Handi-Foam E84 is also UL GREENGUARD™ Gold Certified.

Handi-Foam E84 is available in a variety of disposable and refillable sizes and is dispensed using the patented Handi-Gun® Dispensing Unit.

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Handi-Foam E84 Class 1(A)

Tech Data & Resources

R-VALUE (AGED) 6.0 at 1" thick
12.0 at 2" thick
DENSITY 1.75 lb/ft3 (28 kg/m3)
TACK-FREE TIME 30–60 seconds
CUTTABLE 2–5 minutes
CELL STRUCTURE 95% CLOSED cell content
FIRE RATING ASTM E84 at 2" thick
Flame Spread 20
Smoke Developed 400

ESR 2717

CCMC #13455-L  

NFPA 286

SHELF LIFE 6 months - Refill
12 months - Diposable

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Product Details & Options

Use our interactive Yield Calculator to determine how much product you need.

*Coverage for this product is measured in board feet. One board foot is equal to one square foot at 1" (25 mm) thick. Metric conversions below are at 25 mm thick.

P10705 II-105 Handi-Foam 105 bdft (9.8 m2)
P10726 II-205 Handi-Foam 205 bdft (19 m2)
P10762 II-605 Handi-Foam 605 bdft (56.2 m2)
P22070 Handi-Foam System 17 Refill 1980 bdft (184 m2)
P22270 Handi-Foam System 27 Refill 3120 bdft (290 m2)
P22110 Handi-Foam System 27 Refill
(with accessories)
3120 bdft (290 m2)
P22470 Handi-Foam System 60 Refill 6840 bdft (635 m2)
P22670 Handi-Foam System 100 Refill 11400 bdft (1059 m2)
P22610 Handi-Foam System 100 Refill
(with accessories)
11400 bdft (1059 m2)

Common Product Uses

Sealing insulation board joints Foundation insulation Mobile home skirting sealing and insulating Insulating crawlspace wall Insulating and sealing rim joists Sealing ductwork joints Residential wall insulation Thin coat of spray foam to seal and insulate for "flash and batt" Sealing can lights Air sealing attic Sealing attic baffles Post mold remediation sealing (prevent future mold)
Commercial & Industrial
Thermal break on cinder block wall Insulating metal buildings Sealing the roof/wall juncture Asbestos abatement and encapsulation Sealing silos and storage bins Cold storage insulation Insulating storage tanks (gas, industrial, winery, etc.) Temporary roof "night seal" Sealing retrofitted windows in historical buildings Insulating irregular shaped industrial piping
Manufactured housing insulation Refrigerated trailer insulating (new & repair) Truck cab insulating and stabilization Air handler insulation Foam shape creation Trailer insulation Recreation vehicle insulation Temporary emergency structure insulation Vehicle door insulation and vibration control
Other Product Uses
Theater set design Statue repair Statue creation Smoke house sealing Swimming pool construction Repairing and sealing damaged cargo containers Insulating and sealing military tents Filling post/pole holes in replace of cement

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