Handi-Gun® II, Revolutionizing the Way You Spray

Posted by December 03, 2015 Categories: Spray Polyurethane Application Spray Polyurethane Foam

Fomo recently launched the new Handi-Gun® II dispensing unit, through Comfort Rx, designed specifically as an innovation that improves the contractors experience, based on user feedback and preferences. With a new gun, it is important to understand the features and how each can benefit you.

How Handi-Gun II benefits you

Better Control:

The new Handi-Gun II has an advanced Hi/Lo switch that has meterable flow capability, allowing the contractor more control of how much product is being dispensed at any time. Coupled with a simple and secure safety trigger, contractors can alleviate concerns on accidently dispensing foam. The new Hi/Lo switch allows you to switch back and forth from a high flow to a low flow and back again within the same dispensing unit, allowing contractors to get the precise amount they need as they move around a jobsite. The responsive trigger allows for an additional level of dispensing versatility.

Ease of use:

The new Handi-Gun II was designed to fit ergonomically into the contractor’s hand providing more application control and less fatigue on the jobsite. Colorwise™ Temperature Nozzles easily twist and lock to attach and are available in both cone and fan spray options.

More on Handi-Gun II:

More information on Handi-Gun II can be found here. Additionally, be sure to check out Fomo at International Builders’ Show, booth C8106, and Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance, booth 310, to see Handi-Gun II in action.