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Other OEM Applications Include:

Manufactured Housing
Sign Manufacturing
Transportation/Reefer Trucks

Handi-Flow Channel Fill with High Flow Technology is one of the most versatile foams available, with the ability to completely fill voids and cavities of all shapes and sizes with minimal fill points. 


OEM Applications

Fomo offers many products and systems designed to enhance original equipment manufacturing. In the OEM markets such as manufacturing spas, insulating food service equipment, or insulating or repairing truck trailers, Fomo's products can help you meet the sealing, insulating and support your equipment requires.

Spa Application

Spa/Hot Tub Applications

Handi-Foam® Spray Foam is used to insulate spa pipes and reduce noise and vibration of spa equipment. Additionally, it serves as replacement insulation after repairs and maintenance. 


Manufacturing Application

Manufactured Product Applications

Fomo's products are used as key raw materials for insulating, sealing, deadening sound, and reducing vibrations in various manufactured products.


RV Bus Applications

RV/Bus Conversion

Fomo's products are used to seal, insulate and deaden sound in RV and bus manufacturing. 



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