FOMO Handi-Foam HandiFoam Two Component Handi-Stick Handi-Seal Handi-Flow Two Component Silent-Seal

Other Applications Include:

Architectural Design
Cold Storage/Refrigeration
Pond & Landscape
Pest Control
Poultry Farming

Fomo Products, Inc. includes baffles, vent chutes and can light covers to its product offering.  


Specialty Applications

With such unique properties, Fomo's product range has found its place in many diverse and sometimes unsuspecting markets.

 Fomo Mining Applications

Mining Applications

Silent Seal® is a product designed specifically for the mining industry.  Silent Seal allows miners the ability to effectively seal a mine shaft to optimize ventilation efficiencies.


 Theatrical Application

Theatrical Set Design

Handi-Foam® is used in theatrical, amusement park and movie set design because it is easily sculpted, painted and is lightweight.  


 Agricultural Applications

Agricultural Applications

The agricultural market has experienced a growing demand for Handi-Foam® polyurethane foams.  Handi-Foam® is used to seal and insulate agricultural buildings and offers light and sound-dampening properties in livestock buildings.



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